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Alterazioni Video, Casa di cura per anziani, San Giovanni Gemini, Agrigento, 2018. Courtesy of the artists

Alterazioni Video. Incompiuto: the birth of a style

Opening: 28 June 2019, 19:00
Duration: 29 June - 22 September 2019
Curator: Christiane Rekade

From 29 June to 22 September 2019 KUNST MERAN MERANO ARTE will be hosting a show by Alterazioni Video, an artistic collective founded in Milan in 2004 by Paololuca Barbieri Marchi, Alberto Caffarelli, Matteo Erenbourg, Andrea Masu and Giacomo Porfiri, which for over ten years has been researching the phenomenon of unfinished public works in Italy.

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Özlem Altin, Lens, 2019. Courtesy the artist

Özlem Altin. Lens

Opening: 28 June 2019, 19:00
Duration: 29 June - 22 September 2019
Curator: Christiane Rekade

In spring the German artist Özlem Altin spent two weeks in Merano and developed her exhibition at KUNST MERAN MERANO ARTE based on the legend of the Lago di Carezza.

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2-Tage-Wochenendreise mit Kunst Meran
Sa. , 31. August – So. , 1. September 2019


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