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Current exhibitions

Into the Wild

Opening: 09. February 2018, 19:00
Duration: 10. February - 08. April 2018
Artist: Gina Folly, Linda Jasmin Mayer, Alek O., Stefano Pedrini, Luca Trevisani
Curator: Christiane Rekade

The group show Into the Wild investigates the ideas and the imagination of nature we have nowadays. Following industrialization and the consequent urbanization and work rationalization processes our society has increasingly distanced itself from nature. It is thus not surprising that – starting from the XIX century – a strong interest for cultivated parks, greenhouses, and zoological gardens was born. Also the origin of the most famous botanical promenade in Meran dates back to this period: the promenade was opened in 1929, its name taken from its initiator and founder, Franz Tappeiner (1816-1902), doctor and botanist.


Luca Trevisani, Il secco e l'umido, 2016, courtesy the artist & Galerie Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin
Linda Jasmin Mayer: Parallel Worlds. Courtesy the Artist
Gina Folly, Unfinished business, (Ling Zhi)V- XI, 2017, chinese anti-aging mushroom spawn for immortality. Courtesy the artist & Ermes-Ermes
Alek O, Victor, 2017, pressed leaves on paper, photo by Andrea Rossetti, courtesy Gallery Frutta, Rome.
Stefano Pedrini, Palmetino (Orange), 2014 Acrylic on Cardboard. Courtesy the artist