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Curator for Kunst Meran Merano Arte, Italy

What is your motivation?

You deal with cooperative, social political, critical, artistically applied exhibition practice. You want to drive forward your vision the exhibition being a democratic, many-voiced, multi perspective and anti discriminatory space. Political and social themes are essential for your scientific work as a curator.

You can tell us about an artistic and cultural practice which we cannot read in a book nor is it written in a canon.

You are interested in all kinds of cultural productions and you are in favour of trans disciplined work: music, theatre, dance, art, film and literature – no matter whether it is popular-, sub-, everyday-, or high culture.

You would like to think with us about the future of Kunst Meran Merano Arte in a local as well as transnational perspective.

What we expect:

We are looking for a responsible, independent, communicative personality who is creative, committed, competent in various fields and excellent at organizing. Several years of experience in realising exhibitions from beginning to the opening. Specialized knowledge of contemporary art and exhibitions as well as a thorough knowledge regarding culture of the 20th and 21st century we take for granted. Part of your job is also ideate and then organize two or three exhibitions a year in close contact with the director.


Further information:

As the term of our curator will be ending in August 2020, the board of the Kunst Meran Merano Arte is looking for a new curator to lead the institution starting September 2020.

Kunst Meran Merano Arte is highly regarded locally, nationally and internationally as a key institution for innovative contemporary art and critical curatorial concepts and discourse focusing on the creative potential of the region.

Founded in 1996, supported by the City of Meran Council and the Autonome Province South Tyrol (I), the Kunstverein plays a central role, alongside Museion Bozen and member of AMACI (The national association of contemporary Art institutions, as a key contemporary art institution in the City of Meran.

The board of Kunst Meran Merano Arte particularly hopes to see the innovative and critical role of the last years continued. The candidate should be able to effectively communicate her/his program and represent the organization on a local, national and international level.

Additional requirements for applicants are: relevant academic education, independent curatorial approach along with first-hand experience in all fields of exhibition management (team-leadership, communication, education, finances, fundraising, marketing and public relations).


Additional requirements:

Good knowledge in German and Italian as well as English. An additional language (maybe outside Europe) is an advantage.

IT knowledge we take for granted.

A master’s degree in art, history of art or curatorial studies is necessary. A similar study in philosophy and political science with experience in exhibitions, museums or similar institutions we would also accept.

Please send your digital application, including a detailed CV and an outline of at least 3 exhibitions you organised as well as an outline (max. 2 DINA 4 pages) of the program you would propose. Please let us know your fee requirement. We need your application not later than by 1st of June 2020 to Torggler@kunstmeranoarte.org

Your application will be treated absolutely confidentially. More information about Kunst Meran Merano Arte can be found under: www.kunstmeranoarte.org

If there are further questions, please contact the director of Kunst Meran Herta Wolf Torggler: Torggler@kunstmeranoarte.org