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Zenzi Glatt: Paintings

Opening: 15.02.2013
Duration: 16.02 - 17.03.2013
Artists: Zenzi Glatt
Curator: Valerio Dehò

Zenzi Glatt – having now reached the ripe age of 99 – has been painting for more than 40 years. What started spontaneously as a hobby, has continuously developed over the past decades and led to an extraordinary oeuvre.

Using various formats and techniques, Glatt sometimes creates completely abstract paintings that merely hint at a colorful, shining nature. Her works, like her personality, have a positive charisma and energy – one almost feels the desire to wrest the secret of this life-affirming attitude from both, from the old lady as well as from her paintings.

The proceeds from any works the socially committed artist sells has always been donated for charitable purposes. Helping others is the breath of life to Zenzi Glatt – meeting her and getting to know her works, her courage to face life, and her brilliant personality are like a breath of life to us.

All the proceeds from sold paintings will be donated to “Licht für Senioren”.
The organization "Licht für Senioren" was founded on the initiative of Anneliese Breitenberger to help needy senior citizens in South Tyrol without a lot of red tape. Although the economy in South Tyrol has been booming over the past years, there are still people who live on the fringes of society.

This project is also backed by the President of Verband der Altenheime Südtirols Norbert Bertignoll, member of the provincial parliament Arnold Schuler, the entrepreneurs Karl Pichler from Merano and Walter Reichegger from Bruneck as well as Franz Sinn from Bolzano.

The organization has opened a charity fund and has already been able to help many South Tyrolean senior citizens in difficult situations quickly and unbureaucratically. These unbureaucratic welfare payments are granted to senior citizens at the age of 65 or above who have fallen through the social net and need support. Mayors of municipalities in South Tyrol give a commission lists of their social hardship cases. The commission decides how much money the individuals shall receive; the payments are then made discreetly and unbureaucratically through the mayors of the municipalities concerned.

The charity is intended to form a tight charity network throughout South Tyrol. For that purpose, large and small donations are continuously collected, and charity events are organized.

“Help us help others.”
Donations accounts:
Südtiroler Sparkasse: IT74I0604511605000000641000
Raiffeisenkasse Algund: IT33H0811258460000300271896
Südtiroler Volksbank: IT 4400585658590040571177950

Information: Anneliese Breitenberger, mobile: 348-7498852 www.anneliesebreitenberger.com/de/events/licht-fur-senioren/licht-fur-senioren