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Ulrich Egger - Housing

Opening: 30.01.2009
Duration: 31.01 - 13.04.2009
Artists: Ulrich Egger
Curator: Valerio Dehò

Parallel to the exhibition Contemporary Architecture in Finland, Merano arte will launch two exhibition projects of the South Tyrolean artists Ulrich Egger and Eduard Habicher (7 March - 13 April) whose works hover between sculpture, architecture, and photography and have been developed specifically for Merano arte.

The work of the sculptor and photographer Ulrich Egger analyzes and presents a constantly changing world. Little nature is left in this world, and the never-ending task of man is to destroy and reconstruct. Art takes on the function of memory and becomes a kind of socio-anthropological archive that captures the remaining traces of life in the places of change. Based on precise photographic studies, Ulrich Egger scrutinizes his objects and edits the selected photographs by incorporating real construction material. A previously non-existent third dimension evolves between reality (photograph) and the artificial supplement (the object that reaches into the space). That leads to the illusion that reality might escape from the representation and thus become a metaphor of our age in which the difference between reality and artificiality becomes increasingly blurred.

To accompany the Ulrich Egger HOUSING exhibition, a catalogue has been published by Skarabæus Verlag, with a contribution by Valerio Dehò

Design: Andrea Muheim & granit

ISBN 978-3-7082-3265-2

EUR 18.90

Ulrich Egger, bon voyage, 2008, stampa digitale su plexi e ferro; Digitaldruck auf Plexi und Eisen, 155 x 200 x 40 cm
Ulrich Egger, Hotel Principe, 2008, fotoprint su forex intonaco e ferro; Fotoprint auf Forex, Mörtel und Eisen, 166 x 255 x 13 cm