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The Delight of Collecting—Selected Works from the Finstral Collection

Opening: 30.09.2009
Duration: 01.10.2009 - 10.01.2010
Curator: Valerio Dehò

Merano arte is for the first time presenting a selection of works from the Finstral collection—a comprehensive international collection of contemporary art.

Forty of the roughly 250 works in the complete collection of the Finstral company from the Ritten have been selected for the exhibition. Finstral is the European market leader in manufacturing windows, doors, and winter gardens. Its founder and owner, Hans Oberrauch, is not only a farsighted entrepreneur, but also a great patron who supervises the collection personally. He regards his collection of contemporary art as a possibility to open up to the world, the current events, and cultural changes. It is his window to the world, as he puts it.

The work Casa (1982–84) by the sculptor Nanni Valentini symbolically stands for the thematic focus of the collection which indicates and communicates the products and the core message of the company. The collection is not subject to a rational system, but is based on the delightful connection Hans Oberrauch has developed with the works of contemporary art. It is the sum total of the most diverse works with which the passionate collector has entered into a delightful relationship.