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Sissa Micheli. Fade in the Past! Cut!

Opening: 11.04.2013, 19:00 Eröffnung and performance
Duration: 12.04 - 02.06.2013
Artists: Sissa Micheli
Curator: Sabine Gamper

At Merano arte, Sissa Micheli will realize a serialized installation that deals with the manner in which photography operates on the interface to motion pictures.

In doing so, she involves the viewer in the various possibilities of photographic and cinematic viewing, making him move through the exhibition like an explorer who dives into the history of his own memories that surface in the media world of the cinema and television.
In several rooms with different designs, the artists presents us with photographs in different formats as well as videos or showcases in the tradition of the camera obscura; images of possible film locations are connected with texts in the form of stage directions, and objects like reflector umbrellas and telescopes remind us of media production practices. Based on meticulous stagings, Sissa Micheli calls the physical properties of space and time into question in order to trigger the fascinating and uncanny powers of our imagination through the stories told by the images. Thus, she puts us on a track without letting us know where it leads to. Is it a love story? Or is it the scene of a crime?

Sissa Micheli, Possible camera directions, 2013