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Opening: 24.04.2009
Duration: 25.04 - 21.06.2009
Curator: Valerio Dehò

Play: Inspiration and Reality of Contemporary Art.

PLAY STATION presents works by contemporary artists that deal with Renaissance period games (Thomas Feuerstein), with ordinary mechanical traditions (Francesco Bocchini), with the metaphors of science (Tomas Eller and Enrico De Paris), and, finally, with the rural world of experience (Chiara Lecca). The artists group ZugZwangZukunft from Vienna, on the other hand, deals with video games by translating conventional software into a new language and thus changing its function. Antonio Riello transfers our political and social reality to a video game in which the Italian Financial Guard fights illegal immigrants. Marco di Giovanni's work rediscovers surprise and childlike amazement through the element of play, and Josef Rainer uses his little dolls to create a miniature world that becomes more and more like a television program.

With works by:

Francesco Bocchini

Marco di Giovanni

Enrico de Paris

Chiara Lecca

Antonio Riello

Josef Rainer

Thomas Feuerstein


Tomas Eller


Foto Installation