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Opening: 10.02.2012, 19:00
Duration: 11.02 - 06.05.2012
Curator: Flavio Albanese

On account of its particular geopolitical and cultural dimension, South Tyrol continues to be a true case history of contemporary architecture.Since the first edition of the exhibition “New Architecture in South Tyrol 2000 – 2006” in the year 2006 met with such great success, we felt urged to follow this topic up and maintain an investigative focus on this vigorous and innovative architectural movement that is gaining more and more international attention.

For this second edition, the international jury, consisting of Flavio Albanese, Wolfgang Bachmann (D), Bettina Schlorhaufer (A), Annette Spiro (CH) and Vasa Perovic (SI), has closely analyzed the latest architecture in South Tyrol and selected 36 out of a total of 280 entered projects. Global socio-economic changes have made a fundamental change of paradigms necessary with regard to the contents, compared to the first exhibition.This time, the selection was based on current topics: the main signposts for the exhibition New Architecture in South Tyrol 2006–2012 are instability, the provisional nature of things, narrativity, innocence, and the question of a contemporary redefinition of the concept of landscape.In accordance with this perspective, the exhibition has been designed as a flowing and poetic picture story. A polyphonic story, curated by Flavio Albanese and asa studioalbanese in cooperation with ONLAB, a Berlin studio for graphic arts that is focused on territorial communication—, with visual comments by video producer Giuseppe Tedeschi, who was responsible for describing the lyrical dimension of the new landscape in South Tyrol.

Right from the start, all possibilities of the 2.0 Universe were exploited to design and create means of unlimited of distribution and reproducibility for the exhibition New Architecture in South Tyrol 2006–2012.
Together with ONLAB, the programmer Paolo Mennea has developed a comprehensive digitalization system for this project. It makes it possible to send, download, and play this exhibition all over the world, thereby triggering a slight global cultural sprawl in the manner of a virus.
Picturing the architecture exhibition as a message sent across space and time is an innovative and revolutionary form of creating new goals for the exhibition.


In cooperation with: Architekturstiftung Südtirol and Südtiroler Künstlerbund
Jury: Flavio Albanese (I), Wolfgang Bachmann (D), Bettina Schlorhaufer (A), Annette Spiro (CH), and Vasa Perovic (SI)
Catalogue: Springer Verlag, Vienna-New York, 336 pages
. [www.onlab.ch]


Winecenter in Kaltern, Arch. Feld 72. Foto Hertha Hurnaus.
Fernheizwerk Meran. Arch. Luca Canali, 2007. Foto: Oskar Da Riz.
Steinschlagschutzgalerie Trafoi/Stilfs. Arch. Siegfried Pohl, 2009. Foto: Archiv Bildraum.
Wohnhaus Höller, Lana. Arch. Höller & Klotzner, 2009. Foto: Ulrich Egger.

Foto Installation