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Opening: 07.06.2013, 19:00
Duration: 08.06 - 08.09.2013
Artists: Aldo Mondino, Antonio Riello, Aron Demetz, Bernardì Roig, Francesco Gennari, Fred Wilson, Jan Fabre et.al.
Curators: Valerio Dehò, Adriano Berengo

Glass is a remarkable material. Extremely malleable as it is, it offers a great deal of exceedingly innovative creative freedom for the artist—and has been undergoing an astonishing global boom over the past years. The event that triggered this wide public attention was certainly the first glass biennial “Glasstress” in 2009, a collateral exhibition of the Venice Biennale that presented a historical cross-section of glass art.

Thanks to the support of Adriano Berengo and his laboratory in Murano, it has been possible to hold the exhibition—supplemented by new works by major representatives of the contemporary art scene—in many locations in Asia and the US. There is hardly an artist that has not dealt with the potential and the qualities of glass over the past years, exactly because this material is particularly suitable for realizing off-beat ideas and inventions.

The exhibition “Murano><Merano” in Merano is being held at the same time as the 55th Venice Biennale and the third edition of its collateral glass biennial “Glasstress”. It showcases a series of glass works that were made at the Berengo Fine Arts studio in Venice by internationally renowned artists such as Oleg Kulik, Orlan, or Jan Fabre, who have specifically taken the occasion to turn to this material. Murano><Merano unites very different artists; their works, however, enter into a conceptual and aesthetic dialogue, because they were all made in the same place—the said Berengo Fine Arts studio in Venice—and of the same material. The formal interpretation of many contemporary artists next to each other adds up to an extraordinary and fascinating exhibition that is enhanced by two new works by the famous and respected South Tyrolean artists Aron Demetz and Robert Pan.

Aldo Mondino, Antonio Riello, Aron Demetz, Bernardì Roig, Francesco Gennari, Fred Wilson, Jan Fabre, Jaume Plensa, Javier Pérez, Koen Vanmechelen, Maria Roosen, Marya Kazoun, Michael Joo, Monica Bonvicini, Nabil Nahas, Oleg Kulik, Orlan, Pieke Bergmans, Pino Castagna, Robert Pan, Sergio Bovenga, Thomas Schütte, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Vik Muniz


Pino Castagna, Bamboo, 2011 @Francesco Ferruzzi

Foto Installation