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Opening: 27.06.2013, 19:00 Opening reception and book presentation:
Duration: 28.06 - 21.07.2013
Curators: Ulrich Egger, Andreas Hempel

The exhibition “Innovative School Buildings in South Tyrol” as well as the book by the same name explore a selection of school buildings in South Tyrol.

The artist, photographer and teacher Ulrich Egger as well as the architect and publicist Andreas Gottlieb Hempel present schools in images and texts.
The pictures give us a glance at real classrooms, places that reveal their potential and come to life through the interaction of students and teachers. What distinguishes Ulrich Egger’s pictures from those of other photographers is that he does not regard photographs as a means of documenting architecture, but as an alternative and subjective visual art form of interpretation.

Modern architecture has arrived in South Tyrol with some delay. Modern architects such as Lois Welzenbacher, Wilhelm Holzbauer, Othmar Barth and a few others long remained voices in a wilderness of pseudo-Tyrolean building forms. It took a new generation of young architects to introduce the architecture of our times in South Tyrol, with buildings that are now internationally recognized and have been awarded many prizes. That is greatly thanks to the South Tyrolean government and the department for buildings. The design of several public buildings was selected through architecture competitions upon their initiative.

Issued with the kind support of Südtiroler Landesregierung.