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Franz Pichler - HAVE NO FEAR

Opening: 28.01.2014, 19:00
Duration: 29.01 - 06.04.2014
Curator: Sabine Gamper

On occasion of his 75th birthday, Merano arte is devoting a first comprehensive exhibition to the artist Franz Pichler, presenting all his works, from the sixties until today.

Franz Pichler was born in 1939 in Schenna. Starting in 1959, he studied sculpture at Akademie der bildenden Künste in Munich, where he was accepted as a master class student in record time and received his diploma in 1964. For more than 50 years, Franz Pichler has been developing his comprehensive and varied sculptural and graphic oeuvre. His sculptures are marked by a tremendous power of form and a high representational quality, whereas his graphic art mainly reflects his political commitment which reached its peak in 1975 when he became co-founder of Südtiroler Kulturzentrum under the motto "Der Alltag ist unsere Kultur" [Everyday Life is Our Culture]. Until today, the socio-political commitment is undaunted in the art of Franz Pichler.

This exhibition is not arranged in chronological order. Rather, it makes Pichler's works accessible through various focal points that make it possible to interpret the contents of Pichler's works and also reflect his understanding of sculpture throughout the years.  The starting point of Franz Pichler's artistic work is always life itself in all its facets, the things and themes that surround us every day, and the artist's sense for and his interest in our environment, political and social conditions, and interpersonal relations.

Franz Pichler, Werkstattgeist, 2012

Foto Installation