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Exhibition CRISIS

Opening: 27.05.2013
Duration: 28.05 - 02.06.2013
Curator: Ulrich Egger

Why search far afield, when the problem is so nearby?

Grade 5D of the Merano high school specializing in arts. An exhibition in which young artists express their fears regarding the global economic crisis. This is an initiative conducted by Ulrich Egger, professor and artist.

On May 28, Merano arte will open an exhibition of works by grade 5D students of the Merano high school that specializes in arts. Twenty students will present their highly individual works about the ‘Crisis’.

The Merano arte association promotes the cooperation of young people at the internationally renowned Laubenhaus and always welcomes school projects. With their works, the students and their art teacher, Ulrich Egger, demand that those who are responsible for the crisis be ‘brought to court’.

And mind you, their works are nothing to sneeze at. They include portraits of Silvio Berlusconi and Angela Merkel, images of poverty and under-age soldiers, destroyed houses, and beggars. They take the form of portraits in the style of the old masters, photographic works, frottage art, sculptures, three-dimensional installations, etc. The students have deeply dealt with the crisis issue, even outside of school. That has not only brought them closer to this subject, but it has also given them an opportunity to prove their artistic abilities and creativity.

The grade 5D students are:

Sandra Bertagnolli, Sarah Burkhard, Caterina Consoli, Viktoria Gross, Lea Hackl, Jessica Ilmer, Ramona Ilmer, Magdalena Joos, Veronika Kaserer, Joana Lamprecht, Nadja Müller, Lisa Neulichedl, Elisabeth Öggl, Magdalena Pfeifer, Sophie Pichler, Johanna Spögler, Karin Stampfer, Oriana Striebeck, Tanja Telser, Katja Vonmetz, Lisa Maria Wieser.


Ramona Ilmer