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Eduard Habicher - DRAWING SPACE

Opening: 06.03.2009
Duration: 07.03 - 13.04.2009
Artists: Eduard Habicher
Curator: Valerio Dehò

The sculptural work by Eduard Habicher is an attempt at an interesting synthesis between a minimal intervention in space and a work that nevertheless strongly and energetically bursts out of space.

His light-metal structures are forms of infinite expansion that offer the viewer several points of view. The works are thin and playful, and yet they possess the hardness of the material they are made of. The colour, which contrasts with the metal surface, is handled harmoniously and almost melodiously. The lightness takes on the power and elegance of a sign. Eduard Habicher's forms are not representations, but rather signs in motion, defining a new space that has been created by the interaction between the sculpture, its environment, and its urban and architectural surroundings.

Eduard Habicher. Foto: Christian Martinelli

Foto Installation