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Opening: 26.06.2012, 20:00
Duration: 27.06 - 14.07.2012

The Merano project of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts Muenster.

In cooperation with ES contemporary art gallery and the youth center Jungle.


26 students of the Academy of fine Arts Muenster along with their professors, Maik and Dirk Löbbert, will deal with the special history of Laubenhaus no. 130 in a temporary exhibition project. From different angles, they will explore the historical, social, societal, and aesthetic dimensions of what was once “Café Paris”. At the same time, they form the starting point and substance of the works exhibited. The purpose of the project is to show the unusual perspectives that make the characteristic features, but also the exceptional details and the hidden poetry of this almost forgotten, but still important place in Merano visible.

Opening:           Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 8 p. m.

Duration:                      June 27 – July 14, 2012

Venue:             Laubenhaus 130, Merano

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 4 – 7 p. m. | Sa 10 a. m.  – 1 p. m.

The art students:

Saskia Bauer | Elisabeth Schröder | Kyung-June- Kim | Timo Panzer | Ail Hwang | Seongheum Lee | Sujin Do | Su-Jin Kim | Su-Jin Bae | Refika Duex | Noriko Yoshida | Iona Dunsire | Ingrid Falkenroth | Justyna Janetzek | Katharina Monka | Laura Schimmel | Miriam Jonas | Nam Hoon Kim | Sara Dietrich | Satomi Edo | Fabian Nehm | Hae-Ryun Jeong | Jihye Shin | Ji-Young Son | Jonathan Lemke | Marie Heidrich

President: Maik Löbbert

Professor: Dirk Löbbert

Art installation - Public energy

A joint venture of a special kind will take place on June 28, 2012 on Sparkassenplatz in Merano. It has long been arranged that Jancee Warnick and his Cologne-based rock’n roll band “Jancee Pornick Casino” will disturb the peace on that evening in a neat and cultivated manner.  

But it is thanks to the artists’ group Netzhal.de from Munich that the electricity needed for this concert will come from the people in the neighborhood. Together with Merano arte and Erwin Seppi- Es-Gallery, the four artists will set out to tap the electricity for the band and the stage from the sockets in the apartments and stores surrounding the plaza.  

The cables that will come out of the windows and be bundled under the canopy of the main entrance of the Sparkasse building will not only transport the power for the concert, but also visualize the personal support given to this cultural event. The concert of the Cologne band is part of a series of art projects that the artist couple Maik and Dirk Löbbert has initiated in Merano this summer.  

The series includes a group exhibition of the students of the two professors who teach at the Academy of fine Arts Muenster—as well as the above netzhal.de project.

“We consider it very important to make social structures visible in our works”, says Hannes Gamper, one of the netzhal.de artists, with regard to the new project. For that purpose, Jancee Warnick and his band will enter into a very visible connection with the people of Merano: as soon as the electricity sponsors have had enough of the concert, they can simply pull the plug.  

That settles the question of who is the boss on the plaza: the committed Sparkassenplatz neighborhood.  

Live concert

Thursday, June 28, starting at 6 p. m.

6:30 p. m. - opening with the youth band


Felix Brugger - bass

Simon Pöder – drums

Michael Holzner – electric guitar

Philipp Genetti – electric guitar & vocals

Fabian Kuprian - voals



The American guitar player and singer Jancee Warnick meets two crazy Russians in his Cologne exile, and together they form one of the most bizarre and explosive Rock’n Roll bands of our times. Jancee acts like a Jack-in-the-box on stage, trying to cross the virtuosity of a BRIAN SETZER with the energy of an ANGUS YOUNG, driven by Vladimir’s bass balalaika and Stanislav’s drum barrage that is as violent as a Siberian hurricane. Since 1999, the trio has been living in its tour bus and cutting a lane of success through Europe.

Jancee Warnick              - guitars, vocals

Vladimir Martens    - bass

Stanislav Torbotrous        - drums


The project involving the students of the Academy of Fine Arts Muenster is aimed at introducing young people to the world of art in an active as well as passive manner, beyond a mere exhibition.  Young people are the major source of all future art. Therefore, it is up to them to discover their own language in this discipline and apply it in a creative way. The organizers want to attract the attention of as many young locals as possible to this project.

The overall project is organized and financed by Merano arte, ES contemporary art gallery, in cooperation with Jugendzentrum Jungle and Kurverwaltung Meran.

For more information, please click: Erwin Seppi, info@es-gallery.net

Kunst Meran info@kunstmeranoarte.org (0473 212643)



Under the patronage of the cultural affairs departments of the Merano municipality

Kindly supported by:

Family Manfred Gobbi, Andrea Fenoglio / Restaurant Sissi, Sunday Best / Pienzenau Team, Avv. Paolo Bonagura, Central Apotheke Meran, Buchgemeinschaft - Alte Mühle, Family Rainer – Geox Meran