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Design from the alps. TyrolSouth Tyrol Trentino 1920-2020

Duration: 11.10.2019 - 12.01.2020
Curators: Claudio Larcher, Massimo Martignoni, Ursula Schnitzer

The first comprehensive review of the production and culture of modern design in a dynamic cross-border European region.

The Tyrol — South Tyrol — Trentino region has become a cultural crossroads between Munich and Venice on the one hand and Vienna and Milan on the other. Design from the Alps is the first comprehensive exploration of the production and development of modern design in this dynamic transnational Alpine region. An astonishing openness towards the most progressive trends of modernity, an unexpected laboratory for technical-formal explorations was created. The amply illustrated book traces the many protagonist on this highly productive scene and into the multifaceted world of design of this region in the heart of Europe.

A production by Kunst Meran/Merano Arte with NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, and Free University of Bolzano.
Curated by Claudio Larcher, Massimo Martignoni, Ursula Schnitzer
Graphic design: Antonino Benincasa

Project Partner: Barth

Capriolo 75 Corsa, [1954]. Foto: Anna Maconi
Mod. Duca, 1946-1953. Prod. Durst. Foto: Anna Maconi
Othmar Barth, Kinderstuhl Junior, 1978. Courtesy Barth Innenausbau. Foto: Anna Maconi