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Architecture and Wine in Central Europe

Opening: 14.11.2014, 19:00
Duration: 15.11 - 11.01.2014
Curator: Dan Merta

The exhibition presents a selection of 38 vineyards in Central Europe. These 38 projects include four in South Tyrol: the wineries of Nals-Margreid, Tramin, and Schreckbichl, as well as the wine center in Kaltern.


An exhibition of Galerie Jaroslav Fragnera, Prague, 2013.

According to the natural sciences, a criterion for belonging to Central Europe is that the region have an oceanic or subcontinental, moderate macroclimate which is also suitable for growing wine. Therefore, Central Europe lends itself to this exhibition. With this geographical demarcation, this is the first exhibition to show new vineyard buildings in South Tyrol alongside ones in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.
Over the past years, the cooperation of open-minded builder-owners and good architects has led to numerous examples of specific and appropriate solutions in the context of their history and landscape, as has been the case on an international scale.
In addition to the intriguing juxtaposition of vineyards in eight countries, the exhibition also presents samples of soil from the various vineyards as well as three wine bottles from each of the wineries. The visitors will get to know the landscape, the soil, the wine cellars, and the wine of the 38 exhibited businesses. With the picture show of the 38 tablets, the virtual wine tour can be extended.

Weingut Preisinger, Burgenland, Österreich. Foto Ivan Hruska
Kellerei Nals Margreid, Nals, Italien
Kellerei Tramin, Tramin, Italien, Foto A & I photography