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Opening: 01.06.2012
Duration: 02.06 - 01.07.2012
Artists: Annemarie Laner
Curator: Valerio Dehò

Annemarie Laner’s works are founded on personal as well as anthropological circumstances; they are reflections on our present times, always accompanied by complex cultural allusions. Her artistic scope is wide, so her cycles often comprise works ranging from prints to public art.

The works that deal with animals combine real elements with literary ones. Her poetry is not only about her home country and her innate relationship to the mountains; it is also open for fantasy as a suitable terrain for plumbing one’s own tendencies and attitudes. Laner’s view of our present-day world is frank and analytical, and yet she tries to merge the present instant with archetypes. The ravens, foxes, and other animals are not only constituents of our collective memory, but also representations of our difficult relationship with nature in times of great upheaval.
Laner’s eye is attentive and worried, and yet it allows viewers to interpret and imagine connections and possibilities. Annemarie Laner’s art is open, even when it reveals a certain degree of strictness: her power of expression is focused on details and situations of a destroyed environment, but  nevertheless she restores the anthropological dimension of human existence in nature, our close relationship to animals as living beings and as participants in a joint history. A hidden, but consistent thread in her narrations unites symbols and images on the level of ideas and emotions and depicts their poetic relationship to the world.