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Nibelungen: I M A G I N E  W O R L D S

 24.02 - 19.05.2024
Artists: Astha Butail, Julia Bünnagel, Andrea Canepa, Zuzanna Czebatul, Margret Eicher, Nadine Fecht, Philipp Fürhofer, Jeppe Hein, John Isaacs, Kubra Khademi, Alexander Kluge & Jonathan Meese, Oliver Laric, Kris Lemsalu, Philip Loersch, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Mirja Reuter und Florian Gass (Künstlerisches Beteiligungsprojekt), Nasan Tur.
Curated by: Harald F. Theiss

The exhibition I M A G I N E W O R L D S focuses on the manuscript of the Nibelungenlied [the Song of the Nibelungs], dating from around 1300, which was found at Obermontani Castle in South Tyrol and is today in the possession of the Berlin State Library.

The Song of the Nibelungs is the most important literary epic of the German Middle Ages. Studying the manuscript opens up the possibility of rethinking aspects of European and non-European cultural history. More significant than the epic work itself are its impact and possible interpretations, which now offer both space and method for an exhibition approach that includes extra-literary narration.