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Frida Parmeggiani and Robert Wilson. Photo: Andy Marini

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Merano arte has been a member of the association of museums of contemporary art in Italy, AMACI (Associazione Musei d'Arte Contemporanea Italiani), since 2006.


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Frida Parmeggiani. Textile Artefact n 3. (Detail) Photo: Andreas Marini. Light Design: Franck Evin


On occasion of the 70th birthday of the Merano costume designer Frida Parmeggiani, the Salzburger Mozarteum and Merano Arte present a comprehensive Frida Parmeggiani exhibition entitled Textile Artefacts.               

Merano Arte
Textile Artefacts
September 17, 2016 – January 11, 2017

Palais Mamming Museum
How to Become Frida - Getting Close to Frida - Working with Frida
September 17, 2016 – November 20, 2016

From 1978 to 2008, Frida Parmeggiani was Europe's most sought-after costume designer.  The exhibition spans nine new costumes, some of which comprise several parts. In these artefacts, Parmeggiani explores the tension between space, form, and fabric. undefinedmore...


Ulrich Egger. HERBST I, 2016

Merano Arte, 2016 Christmas exhibition

Opening: December 7 at 6pm
Exhibition period:
From December 8 to December 18, 2016

Curators: Christiane Rekade and Ursula Schnitzer

By the expression: “zwischen den Jahren” (between the years) we indicate the time period that goes from Christmas to Epiphany. Rather than a chronological gap, it represents a particular mood: it is during these days that our daily rhythm is disrupted, time seems suspended somewhere in the passage from the old to the new year.

The Christmas exhibition BETWEEN THE YEARS, organized by Merano Arte, draws the idea from our impression of being suspended, right as it is represented by this middle passage during which we have the possibility to redefine and remodel our things.

The BETWEEN THE YEARS show will be set on the ground floor of Merano Arte. The artwork of 13 artists, tied to the Kunsthaus by friendship, will be exhibited.

The way through the Merano porticos and the Kunsthaus Coffee Shop will be transformed into a temporary art gallery, rich in hues, a privileged meeting place.

The works of the following artists will be featured:
Ulrich Egger, Marianne Gostner, Eduard Habicher, Elisabeth Hölzl, Arthur Kostner, Hubert Kostner, Annemarie Laner, Walter Moroder, Elisabeth Oberrauch, Martin Pohl, Trull Oberrauch, Peter Senoner, and Stefan Tschurtschenthaler.