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Kreuzung Tobias-Brennerstraße/Mayastraße/Weinbergweg Foto: Ulrich Egger

FRANZ KAFKA Meran 1920-2020

Competition for public art in Merano


The department  for culture in Merano has engaged the association Art Meran Merano Arte to write a competition for public art which is dedicated to the poet Franz Kafka.

In the year 2020  we commemorate Franz Kafka’s stay in Merano 100 years ago.

All artists born/living in the European region Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino are invited to take part into the contest.




Location map and photos

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Documentats regarding Franz Kafka in Merano

Kafkas Korrespondenz aus dem Jahre 1920 (Universität Wien) (German)

Letters to Milena, by Franz Kafka (Author), Philip Boehm (Translator), Schocken 2015.


Questions regarding the pre-selection

As an architect, do I have the right to participate?

If so, you can apply to preselection. As an architect you are also entitled to participate in the preselection. As indicated in the tendering, former artistic projects are expected (realized or not).


Do all projects have to be submitted in A03?

It is recommended not to use larger formats


Is it possible to send documents by e-mail or do they have to be submitted in paper?

The delivery is also possible by mail within 10th may 2019.


Anonymous procedures: is it possible that the curriculum does not contain a name and contact? But how can it be anonymous if, on the one hand, the name is in the application form and on the other, on the back of the reference projects the author has to be made clear?

The anonymity concerns only the 2nd phase


I would like to prepare a proposal on the topic. Born in East Tyrol, but my partner to this competition was born in Carinthia.

Is participation permissible in this case?

Dear ..., if you were born in Tyrol you can participate in the competition. Your husband would then have to be a project partner.


May I just confirm the last day for sending application is 30.5.? And all can be sent via email?  Also, I just wanted to confirm you realise …’s work is abstract?

No, the last day is 10.05.

It’s possible to send the application by e-mail (to: kafka@kunstmeranoarte.org). You have to send us the following documents:

-       Application form (digital form on the web)

-       Curriculum vitae (max 1 DIN A4 page)

-       A maximum of three reference projects with a similar assignment or similar topic
We have seen the work by …. and we know that it's abstract and there is no problem at all. The artists selected for the second step of the competition have to develop a site-specific intervention or interaction, without formal restrictions.




Herta Wolf Torggler

Kunst Meran Merano Arte

Tel: 0473 212643

Mail: Kafka@kunstmeranoarte.org