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Weihnachtsfeier 2017. Foto Herbert Thoma

Enjoyment of art is precious, stimulating and enriching at the same time. It is very valuable.  Art, in whichever form, nourishes the mind and soul. Art is communicative and brings people together. It accompanies, surprises and bewilders us on our mental journeys. 
In summary, it may be said that art plays an important role in our changing society. It is also a visible indication of the fact that we feel, think, work and change things. 
Fine and applied arts, architecture and modern music have always been our main areas.
In order to develop and implement as many ideas as possible, we need your help.
We look forward to successfully continuing on the path we have set out with you.

Friends of Merano arte get...

— free admission to all our exhibitions
— discounts for concerts
— newsletters or invitation cards upon request
— 1 travel offer per year to cultural locations, including guided tour (approx. 25 persons)
— guided tours for you and your friends (special discount; prior booking required)
— one exhibition catalogue per year for free or with a discount, at our shop
— advisory service and special discount for art purchases



Becoming a Friend of Merano arte requires an annual contribution (tax-deductible) of:

Individuals  €   100.00
Reduced: Retired persons and students € 25.00

Your contribution is tax-deductible. 
The association “Kunst Meran – Merano Arte” is registered in the Landesverzeichnis der Organisationen zur Förderung des Gemeinwesens [National Register of Organizations for the Promotion of Urban Community Development]. Please keep your contribution receipt along with the bank deposit stub for your next tax declaration.
(As defined by art. 15 letter i-quater or art. 100 letter l of DPR no. 917 dated Dec. 22, 1986 or of law decree no. 35 dated March 14, 2005, transformed into law no. 80 dated May 14, 2005.)


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